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Pan Am International Flight Academy is a leading provider of training support for airlines and aviation professionals. As the only surviving division of original Pan American World Airways, Pan Am International Flight Academy can trace its instruction heritage to the earliest days of airline flight training. Pan Am began in the early 1960's. In 1980 Pan Am American World Airways opened its Flight Academy in Miami, Florida, still our base of operations. Pan Am has more years of airline training experience than any other company in the world. With locations in Miami, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Tokyo, Thailand & Europe, Pan Am has a location around the world to suit your custom training needs.

Pan Am dedicated in providing a professional training experience at the best price with a corporate commitment to meet the Airlines operating standard.

Cooperate with Pan Am International Flight Academy, Khmer Pilot Training has taken the next step in aviation training offering the Cambodian Pilots a cost-effective Type Rating course that enhances the total primary flight training value. The programs offered by Pan Am, bridge the gap between traditional flight training output and industry requirements. The incorporates "Next Generation" training methods in each program to enhance the pilot’s skill and prepare them for their career in aviation.


Our only partner from Manitoba, Canada, The school have been in business for a longtime since 1973, The school courses are approved by Canada Transport of Civil Aviation (TCCA)) to conduct professional flight training for local and international student, many of HAR'V students work for Airlines in Canada and around the world.


The experience of the staff and management is the envy of the aviation training industry. Having the same owner and management for almost 40 years is unrivaled in the industry. Our management actually flies and owns the airplanes used by the school. Our staff of instructors are all fully qualified and dedicated to making your flight training the most fulfilling, enjoyable experience possible. We also have several Designated Flight Test Examiners employed in the company ensuring the highest standard of flight training possible and ease of flight test availability. 

Our maintenance staff wants to get the airplanes back in the air where they belong! Aircraft maintenance is carried out by our own approved aircraft maintenance organization. This means that school airplanes are priority when it comes to snags and inspections minimizing down time. We take pride in ensuring our maintenance staff is up to date with current regulatory changes and current aircraft maintenance techniques. We also carry extensive spare parts including radios, engines, instruments, aircraft and control surfaces, again minimizing down time.


Our buildings and facilities are the best in the industry, Our modern offices are large and offer many briefing rooms for study and include free access to the internet via wifi. All airplanes are stored in hangars, ensuring they stay clean, safe, and warm all year round.

Harv's Air fleet of airplanes is second to none. We operate a mixed fleet of airplanes consisting of economical trainers, high and low wings, the latest airplanes technology with computerized cockpits, many multi engine airplanes, on up to the challenging  tail draggers and the ultimate category aerobatic airplanes. Our fleet is large with backups for every type of airplane ensuring you won't be grounded during your training.

With HAR'S Air Pilot Training facility and experiences, we believe that Our Khmer Student shall have a very good training place that provide the training at  highest quality and environment to focus to achieve the career goal. 


The School is FAA-certified Part 141 and Part 61 approved flight programs provide students with the skills and experience demanded by today’s commercial aviation industry.The flight training programs are set in a structured environment to ensure the student receives the knowledge that is required to be a professional pilot. Our course curriculum has been created by both Cessna and Jeppesen and our specialized course instruction will help you get through the ratings in the least amount of time possible.Treasure coast flight training take great pride in offering the largest fleet in the area, meticulously maintained aircraft, highly trained instructors, warm and comfortable housing accommodations, and a state of the art training facility.TCFT can help you obtain any and all ratings you desire in less time and for far less money than anywhere else.

General prices and packages are on included within our site but we are happy to provide you with a specialized quote with whatever aircraft and total hours you desire.


With the fleet of over 50 Aircrafts and modern facilities and a long time expertise of training international students, TCFR provide for our Khmer student a very cost efficiency and quality training.


One of the Large Aviation Academy located in the North Texas, to offer our student an excellence Aviation Training, US Aviation Academy has been committed to excellence since opened our doors in 2002. The school is a Federal Aviation Administration approved CFR Part 141 flight academy that has been listed among the most highly rated flight schools in the nation. With two campus locations in North Texas, our aviation students can receive their flight training in Denton, Texas at the Denton Municipal Airport (DTO) or in Sherman, Texas at the North Texas Regional Airport (GYI). Both locations offer various opportunities for students to enhance their learning experiences. Our flight school even boasts a self-examining authority at our DTO location.


Since US Aviation Academy has special self-examining authority over our flight school, we are able to have the final say in whether or not aspiring pilots under our guidance receive the appropriate licenses, ratings and certifications. While this is the case, we will do everything in our power to ensure students attain their desired licenses, certifications and/or ratings in a timely fashion. Click the buttons below for detailed information about our airports.


With the fleet of 100 aircrafts and modern training facility, the USA Aviation Academy will commit to offer Cambodian future pilot wonderful training courses within their reputation academy environment.

We Plan to do most of Ground Course Training within our facility in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and we cooperate with reputation selected flight academy to provide high quality practical training for our value student. Our Partner are long term history, good safety and training record and operate a modern facilities in The North America.