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The Background:

Cambodian Airlines Industry are currently facing a shortage of Airlines Pilot in the field as a result of the significant growing of the Airlines industry. The Airlines operated in Cambodia had to hire pilots mostly from oversea to operate in Cambodia market, In contrast We only have about 30 local pilots mostly were trained in the Soviet Union in the late 1980 and are approaching retirement age now and since the Soviet Union collapsed, no pilot training program provided for Khmer pilot, So that our main mission is to support our Khmer student to become airline pilot to roar in our Kingdom's sky and make Cambodia pride.


 About Us:


An Cambodian Aviation Training Organisation that provide the Aviation Training services for Cambodian Aviation Community, Khmer pilot training is a Cambodian coolaboration of Khmer local pilots, Aviation Training experts and American aviation training organisation to create a wonderful opportunity for a local young student to become an airlines pilot for Airlines operate in Cambodia. And we also aim to support our civil aviation industry to prepare the workforce to meet the demand of significant growing fleet from airlines.

Vision and The Opportunities:

Become a Pilot for Airlines in Cambodia is a dream come true job for any young Khmer with the expected starting First Officer salary from $6,000-$10,000/ month to Senior Captain from $12,000 to $18,000/ month plus interesting travel benifits and further international aviation career promotion in the future. Our service offers a wonderful opportunity for our customer not only to provide full SSCA/FAA approved Pilot Training Courses but also ensure our pilot will get a job with Airlines operate in Cambodia.

 We aim to work closely with our Aviation Training Partners, Airlines and follow the Cambodia State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA)  regulations to train up to 500 local aviators in the next 5 years to prepare the local workforce for the developing rapidly of Cambodia Airlines Aviation.  

Our comprehensive training courses prepare for the students from Non- Aviation knowledge to Achieve FAA/SSCA Private Pilot Licence, FAA/SACAA Instrument Ratig, FAA/SSCA Comercial Pilot License, A320 Type Rating and the final outcome is First Officer Position with local Cambodian Airlines for total time of 16-18 months.


Please come with us for your wonderful Airlines Pilot Career Today.

Khmer Pilot Training
Khmer Pilot Training