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27B Street 313, Sangkat Boeng Kak2, Khan Toulkork 12152, 
Phnom Penh,

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Tel: +855 964407460 


Mon - Sat: 9am - 7pm

State of art training facilities base in America and Canada, Approved by SSCA/ FAA. Our expert work closely with our Training partners to keep tracking the process of every individual student so that all of the student issue will be identify and solve timely, We will regularly update any chances from the Industry and Regulation of SSCA to apply for our program to ensure our standard will always meet the regulation of SSCA and also the Airlines operate in Cambodia.


Minimum requirement for Airlines Cadet Program:


Cambodian Citizenship.

Aged over 17 years at the time of appplication with maximum age of 40.

High-school graduated.

Be physically fit and qualify for aviation medical.

Good communication in English.

Course duration: From 10 to 16 months.


Private Pilot License:

50 hours of preparation course at Phnom Penh Fascility.

60 hours Single Engine.

50 hours Flight Instruction.

30 hours Pre/Post Flight Instruction.

80 hours of Ground School.

PPL Written test.

PPL Oral test.

PPL check ride.

Instrument Rating:

33 hours Single Engine.

10 hours Solo PCATD.

14 hours dual PCATD.

55 hours of flight instruction.

20 hours of Pre/Post Flight Instruction.

84 hours of Ground School.

IFR Written test.

IFR Oral Test.

IFR Check ride.


Commercial Pilot License (Multi Engine Land).

25 hours Multi Engines.

90 hours of Single Engine Time Building.

55 hours of Flight instruction.

20 hours of Pre/Post flight instruction.

11 hours of multi engine Sim.

40 hours of ground school.

CPL Written Test.

CPL Oral Test.

CPL Check ride.


Upon complete our abinitio training courses, pilot will achieve Private Pilot Lincese, Instrument Rating, Comercial Pilot License and ready to do the Aircraft type rating require by the Airlines.